Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scored it for only a DOLLAR!

I saw these at this at the thrift store for about a month,and there weren't any takers, so i finally decided to bring them home. Since they had been there for ever, i scored 2 for a dollar Each! not bad!

They didn't have tops on them so i cut some scrap bead board, and slide it in for the top! i think it looks great for just a DOLLAR!!


Chantel said...

I seriously wish I had your eye. You can see things like that and make such fun, unique items. I wish I could borrow your eyes for a day and see what I could find :)

simple~needs said...

you got a great deal!! i think they are really cool!!!

Kenzie said...

Great find! They look amazing!

Marissa said...

headed over from creative crate...that key holder is SO perfect! Love it! I like it simple and I love me some dollar tree, so might have to try that project out for myself :)
I've got a mirror that needs a makeover...maybe you can help??!