Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pecan, St. Patricks Day Wreath!!

Here is my St. patricks day wreath i made last year... Love it...
Dollar store wreath and hot glued Pecans all the way around. Spray painted it white. Then for the clover i cut the shape out of card board. We all know streamers for birthday partys, i got 2 rolls for a $ 1 at the dollar store. I fold it in half and with hot glue i just bunched it all close together. WA-La! added some tule and hung it on my pantry door!

Yes some of nuts cracked when i hot glued them on.....and i burnt my finger a few times and said a few choice words...i Dislike the glue gun!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soup Cans To CANDLe sticks!!!

How in the World Do you Get this... SOUP cans.. and make them into Candle sticks..GENIOUS!! With this idea, the possibilties are endless. Go HERE to see the Tutorial!!

St. Patrick's Day,Easy Decorations!!!

I Love St. Patricks Day for All the Weird Reasons... I love the Color Green, i love the look of a Clover, the Pinching, the Kissing and MOST of all you actomatically have LUCK on that day!!! So here are a few ideas a found surfing the Web, that i think would be easy to make!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Mine!!! So happy to be Back in Blog World!!!!

I know Valentines is "Over" But i just Got my Internet back after 3 Months, So i have alot of catching up to do. I love These "Be Mine" Blocks from the Cinnaberry-Suite!!! So Simple and easy to make also!!!