Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bed Makeover- Masterbedroom Part 2

Recycled-new bed!!
I have always loved are bed, but i was considering getting rid of it, BUT then had a change of mind and just ended up painting it black. It was a light light finished wood. Pretty, but not the style i was looking for. IT looks great in the room. We just need some color, Be patient we will get to that!

The night stand was givin to me along time ago and painted it black forever ago.So now it looks perfect in are room. (now i just have stil the matching one out of my sons room..SHhhhh)

I bought this lamp at the Thrift Store for a dollar ( forgot to take a before picture) But it was bright yellow, Which was great because my colors where black, white, and yellow. Not anymore, im doing black, white, and teal blue! No judging its going to look so cute, i have so many ideas!!

Remember these frames from YEsterdays post. Well i painted them again so they werent so SHINY, me no likey shinny! i think they look SO much better!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bead board frames~masterbedroom makeover PART 1

I made these 24 by 24 inch frames, with a 8 by 10 frame in the middle yesterday out of bead board. I am FINALLY doing my bedroom and these bad boys are going in there. I havent figured out what pictures im going to put in them yet. BUT i made these by following this tutorial (the only thing i did different is i used an old frame to go on the inside instead of making my own molding!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hutch Redo, Dinning room finished!!

OK so this was pretty hutch that i bought, BUT definitely wasnt my style. Also the gold hands had to go. So i replaced the hutch that i posted before with this new one. I LOVE it!So this is the bottome before.....
This is the top before......

It came with no glass for the window parts. So i put the fabric on the sides. Then i added beadboard every where else. I stained the beadborad the color that the hutch was starting out. Then i painted it white, sanded it, and then stained it again. I think it looks perfect in are dining room and i can say but a few pictures the dinning room is finished!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Wreath!!!

St. Patricks Day isnt a big deal around her, but i thought i would make a few decorations for this lovely Green holiday! So this is what i did....
Dollar store wreath and hot glued Pecans all the way around. Spray painted it white. Then for the clover i cut the shape out of card board. We all know streamers for birthday partys, i got 2 rolls for a $ 1 at the dollar store. I fold it in half and with hot glue i just bunched it all close together. WA-La! added some tule and hung it on my pantry door!

Yes some of nuts cracked when i hot glued them on.....and i burnt my finger a few times and said a few choice words...i Dislike the glue gun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

i for got to mention....

OK when i started this blog i forgot to mention... im a trash digger....i havent actually dug threw someone's trash to find there treasures....but i do look around in ppl yards. Freaky right! we just moved into a bigger home so i am always trying to find cheap ways to occupy the space.STORY: I had drove by this hutch so many times by my house and it was in someones trash i finally got up the nerve to knock on there door and ask them if they were going to throw this hutch away? I was pretty sure i new who the lady was that lived there. YA!IT wasnt who i thought it i felt So dumb asking if i could have this hutch ( i did ask if i could pay for it, but he insisted just taking it off his hands would be plenty) so he loaded it up for me and i brought this baby home. It was already red but really faded, so i just repainted red and sanded it. I LOVE it...Thank you neighbor! These ppl are in my church ward, we are new to the ward and we will forever be known as the lady that digs threw are trash! Oh well!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gift for Him!!

i made this little coupon book and reason i love you book out of uno cards. I used all the red ones, and for the 10 i used a phase 10 card. I basically used everything i already had. So i had to spend NO money on this. I covered the Uno part with scrap valentine paper, and have the 1-10 reasons why i love my husband and also 1-10 coupons. Ill keep it to myself what i put on them. BUT this is a very thoughtful, CHEAP gift for your husband.

Monday, February 8, 2010


We have been living here for about 4 months now, and we still had no curtains for the dinning room. I finally decided to take down the sheets and blankets and make some curtains! This is a good project for someone that is just starting to sew. Curtains are so much cheaper to make then to buy, for these curtains it cost about $ 6.00 a panel. Besides Free, Cant get better than that!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

guest blogging

Hi there! No, you're not having 'Dejavu', it's me, Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous and I'm guest blogging on Amanda's fab blog today. Pretty cool, huh. Amanda is such a sweetie AND she has some of the cutest little monkeys! I don't know how she does it with 3 little ones under the age of 3. Wow!
Well, today I'm going to show you a few of my fav crafts that I've done. Kind of like a quick walk through tour of my blog, all in one fancy-smancy post. Sound good? Cool. We'll start off with some Valentine decor....
I love how my Twine Heart turned out. And this is my Burlap Heart Wreath. You can check out my Tutorial here.
I'm totally diggin Zipper Flowers. I updated a $4 pair of black Peep Toe Pumps and made this Zipper Flower Bracelet. Want to make a Zipper Flower? Check out my Tutorial.
My Braided Fabric Bracelets have been a huge hit! And my Scrap Fabric Vases were too. And of course, I provide the how-to's for both projects.
Check out my Master Bedroom, I just finished it!
It was so good meeting all you! I hope you'll stop by sometime and say hi. And if you like freebies and discounts, be sure to check out my Blogiversary/B-day BASH Feb. 8-12. It's going to be a blast!Happy crafting!
Thanks Amanda!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

make a pottery barn CLock

So there is this clock that is been floating around in the blog world....It looked simple to make. Maybe for someone that has 1 kid or no kids, but for me having 3 it took all day!
i had all the supplies to do this so it was FREE! you will need a board, FYI at hoMe depot, they have mud boards $4 they are like 2ft by 2ft.

paint it white, and add the #'s im lucky and i had a cricut it made this part easy. i did the 12, 3, 6, and 9 4 inches, and then the rest i did 3 inches!

paint the letters black, and sand it down..

here is my finish def going to go back and sand the black a MORE, just destress it to look older, but i just wanted to post this cause i was SO excited!

Head board Post made decoration!

I always find head boards/foot boards like this at the thrift store or yard sales! i would always grab them, hoping one day i will be able to find something to do with them! We cut off the legs and made them into decorations!!