Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Glitter Heart banner Tutorial

My Glitter Heart Banner.....

I traced some hearts out of cardboard (I may have dumpster dived for it) I'm all about free....
So I cut them and poked holes in the sides so you can eventually add the string or wire! It's easier to poke holes before painting....
Instead of using glue it's easier if you just do a layer of paint and then add the glitter while the paint is still wet.. Simple!
I added one long peice of string and spaced them evenly to fit across out hutch! Then I found a little helper to help me add ribbion, tulle, fabric, ric rac etc.! I just cut a bunch of stuff that I had into peices and tied it until it was full enough! That part can get expensive and I am allll about cheap! So look at goodwill or thriftstores for cheap ribbion, fabric.. To add to projects like this!! 
Hang it up and your all done!! I have a banner for this hutch for every season and it is seriously so fun!! 
Hope this helped you create something amazing.... For cheap!! 
I would love to see projects you make from my ideas.. Email me at dejavucrafts@hotmail.com