Sunday, October 3, 2010

GOT fake Flowers? : Spooky wreath!

So my husband has claimed me as a "craft Hoarder" I literally save everything that i think "someday i will use that" have 2 totes full of fake "nasty flowers" that i saved for a someday craft!!! I'm always rubbing things in his face saying, look what i made for free with all my hoarding crap!! haah,...anyways, i saw a wreath like this at are cute "gingerbread house" $42 BUCKs...ya, right, so i made mine for 97 cents, which was the cost of the black spray paint. Everything else i had!

i used a grapevine wreath, lots of fake flowers, hot glue, spider webbing and spray paint. i just glued all the flowers in one direction. spray painted them after they were on. then i added the spider webbing!I left a gap to add my tulle. I love it. !!!


gail said...

great job! I too am a craft hoarder... just in case. Today I realized that something I donated (after my yardsale) would really come in handy at an upcoming sale. :(
I was trying to "lighten my load".

Jen @ said...

That's a cool idea! It's amazing how different it looks after it's been spray painted!!

I shared it on my TT&J FB page and linked to you :) Have a great week!


ItsyBitsyKC said...

That's great! I've been looking for a wreath for Halloween, but can't justify spending too much $ on it. Sounds like a fun weekend afternoon craft project.

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

how did i miss this wreath before??? i LOVE it!!!!! i love the spider web on it too, it totally completes it. i heart you manda!