Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrifty halloween decorating!

So i jumped the Gun and decorated yesterday for fallish, more halloween. I love this time of season and i want it to last as long as possible. anyways, i want to show you how you can decorate on a LOW budget..

I made this HUGE paper book wreath. I LOVE it!
I made spooky blocks out of simple 2 by 6 and i just hand painted on the letters
I love Candy CORn...i made a bout 10 of these things out of just scrap wood i had. Someone always has scrap wood!
Made the fence. i love it up there, i think it looks adorable. im going to make some salt dough spiders and hang webbing up there.
you can see my bale of hay really well, but it turned out so good, i just got one package and over the part of a box that would be showing, then i put rop to hold it together. i didnt glue it or anything, just tucked things in place one i tied it.
my dead bush...i went for a run awhile ago, and i found this in a feild right by myself, so i picked it and walked back....my husband thought i was crazy, but i love it. im weird like that.....

all the other fillers i got from the dollar store, or thriftstores....
oh did i mention that i lOVE halloween!


Chantel said...

You know I love it, and in person its even better :)

the thrifty ba said...

amen on halloween decor! i have some fall up and im gearing up for the halloween. im so over summer!
i love your fence!
please put some instructions on your blog so i can copy!

Karen said...

super cute ideas! I just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing all you lovely ideas...stop by and visit if you get a chance:

bonnie said...

I love Halloween decorations too. My fav time of year to decorate for. I love all of your crafts, love the fence!!!!!! Thank you for the great ideas

Green Eyed Girl said...

What a great idea... I never have decorated the top of my cupboards before... but why the heck yet! It looks great! I love the candy corns... they turned out super cute!

Dyna said...

I love your blog, thanks for sharing such great ideas!